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Since 2004, Talent Finders, LLC has been the leading recruiting firm in the Pacific Northwest for Professionals in Manufacturing. Hundreds of manufacturing organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond have tapped the services of Talent Finders, LLC to find key talent in Engineering, Operations, Supply Chain, Quality, and Technical Sales.

The premise of our success is our narrow recruiting focus. Talent Finders, LLC specializes in a handful of professional disciplines and we do NOT stray from this focus. Consequently, we are experts in our field and constantly recruit for the same type of talent, day in and day out. As a result, our database of talent within our focus areas is second to none.


Some Amazing Testimonials

Testimonial – Michael Schott

Dave has helped me fill a couple key positions over the past few years. His talent pool seems endless and he knows the questions to ask up front about job functions and requirements to ensure proper screening. Within days, he provided strong candidates for consideration allowing us to fill positions quickly. More importantly, Dave keeps searching and continues to provide qualified options until the ideal candidate is identified,

– Michael Schott

Field Sales Representative

Vico Associates

Testimonial – Dave Maxey

I worked with Dave for more than 10 years. During that time he recruited several engineers for my teams. Dave listens to the business need and finds individuals that are a great match both technically and more importantly culturally which is critical to an organization’s long term success and often times overlooked. He is very professional and gets timely results while utilizing a friendly, supportive demeanor. Dave also placed me in a new position that has been an excellent fit, so I have worked with him on both sides of the recruiting process. I highly recommend Dave for your recruiting needs.

Dave Maxey

Program Manager

Valley Machine

Testimonial – Conrad Bullion

Working with Dave at Talent Finders has been great. He knows exactly what I am looking for and the type of individuals that will mesh well with our engineering team. Over the past few years I have hired a number of Dave’s candidates and am very pleased with the results. I highly recommend utilizing Talent Finders if you are looking to fill any engineering or technical positions.

– Conrad (Randy) Bullion

Mechanical Engineering Manager


Testimonial – Jonathan Polimeni

Working with Dave has been great. He really went the extra step to search for the right person to meet the job requirements. The job that Dave was asked to fill lined up perfectly with what my goals and needs were at the time. While I wasn’t actively looking for a new job the proposed job by Dave allowed me to relocate close to home/near my family. The new job continues to expand my skills and has remained interesting and exciting keeping me engaged. Highly recommend.

– Jonathan Polimeni

Controls Engineer


Testimonial – Todd Baum

I have had the pleasure of working with Dave Henry on multiple hiring projects for two different organizations; each time looking to fill very unique roles that required specialized market skills and experience. Dave has done an excellent job to completely understand what I am looking for in each case and create targeted searches to bring forth only the top talent for each role. His top-shelf professionalism and persistence mixed with his pleasant personality truely sets him apart in the recruiting world for both clients and prospective talent. Working with Dave makes for an excellent extension of any talent search and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

– Todd Baum

Director of Business Development

Custom Glass Solutions by Guardian

Testimonial – Michael Ryan

Dave Henry has an uncanny ability to match talented individuals with the type of experience and expertise his World Class clients are seeking. Not only am I a lucky beneficiary of Dave’s match making abilities, he was figuratively at my side for each of the many interviews. His professionalism, communication skills and easy going manner made the hiring process enjoyable from a candidate’s perspective and since joining my new firm, I’ve heard the same attributes made about Dave from the hiring side of the desk. I highly recommend Dave Henry.

– Michael Ryan

Sales Account Manager

Custom Glass Solutions by Guardian

Testimonial – Graham Walker

Dave is an excellent recruiter. He is detailed and knowledgeable enough to be a great front-end filter and timely with his communication. He communicates just the right amount: enough to facilitate any potential bumps in the road without being an impediment to the employer-employee relationship. I was looking to move out to Washington and Dave helped me find a great job in a beautiful location. Dave is first rate!

– Graham Walker


Helac Corporation

Testimonial – Ross Murray

Dave introduced me to my current position – where I am very happy. Two things set Dave apart from the big recruiting firms, he has a close relationship with many employers, and he actually knows what engineers do. Anybody who’s had to play the keyword matching game for a job hunt will appreciate the value of that expertise.

– Ross Murray

Project Manager / Senior Engineer

Markey Machinery

Testimonial – Lorelei Evans

I have had the pleasure of working with Dave on a few open positions I have posted. He takes a summary of what you need and turns it into outstanding candidates. He has an exceptional ability to pinpoint your needs, even when you don’t know exactly what you want. The candidates he provides are professional and represent the best of what the area has to offer. If you are looking for a recruiter who really understands business needs and who can maintain a professional relationship then Dave is the one!

– Lorelei Evans, MSM, PHR

Human Resources Manager

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

Testimonial – Armen Dibble

It is a pleasure to know and work with Dave. He reached out to me after I had taken some time off from work and found me a great job with Andrews Copper as a Mechanical Design Engineer. It was great to have him as an outside advisor to help me through questions I had about my career, employment, and the offer. Dave also has an amazing ability to connect with people on a personal level, and is easy to talk. I would recommend Dave to any engineer looking for employment in the manufacturing sector in the Pacific Northwest.

– Armen Dibble

Mechanical Design Engineer


Testimonial – William J Rehse

Dave reached out to me with an opportunity at Ichor Systems. I had never heard of the company, but Dave did a great job filling me in and preparing me for the interview. Not only did he manage to match me with a role that fit my expertise well, but he also matched me with a great team. I would highly recommend Dave if you are a employer looking for someone, or a member of the workforce looking for a change.

William J Rehse

Senior Supply Chain Business Analyst

Ichor Systems, Inc.

Testimonial – Michael Thilavanh

Dave Henry has helped developed my career as a young engineer by finding the right fit for my skill set and interests. Not only is Dave a true professional but he sincerely cares about his clients and it is shown from his frequent checks to see how we are doing. I am very fortunate that I was introduced to Dave from a peer of mine which has led me to a successful full time job at a local company in Clackamas, OR. Thank you Dave for having me as a client and providing me the opportunities I have today.

Michael Thilavanh

Design Engineer I, NPI Winch/Hoist

Warn Industries

Testimonial Jason Kujak

I will recommend Dave Henry to anyone looking for a position in the Pacific Northwest! I was living in the midwest at the time and Dave helped me find the perfect Mechanical Design Engineer position exactly where I wanted. He was extremely responsive, helpful and honest throughout the entire job placement process. I found the perfect job for the perfect company. Where else could you work as an engineer in the hydraulics field at the base of Mt. Rainier! When it came time to move to the pacific northwest Dave gave great recommendations and helped ease my transition. I don’t foresee myself looking for a position anytime soon, but I will surely tell all my friends to work w/ Dave if they want to move out West.

– Jason Kujak

Design Engineer


Testimonial – Stan Hiraoka

I have been in Human Resources for over 30 years, and Dave has been my go-to recruiter for the last 10 yeears. He is by far the best recruiter that I have worked with. He is very knowledgeable and thorough in his recruiting effort, and only recommends candidates after reference checking and interviewing. He provides regular updates, and is very resourceful in his effort and ability to find the right candidates. Dave is the consumate professional, a nice guy (except he is a Boston Red Sox fan) and I would highly recommend using his service.

– Stan Hiraoka

Director of HR

Avtech Corp

Testimonial – Joel Mansfield

Dave was looking for someone to fill a technical sales role and with a specific set of skillsets. He knew the role and company very well. Things ended up progressing forward and by then I knew I had come across an excellent match and opportunity! Thank you Dave and I look forward to catching up more with you shortly!

Joel Mansfield

Filtration Territory Manager

Air Filtration Solutions

Testimonial – Tommy Do

I had the pleasure of working with Dave this last year. Dave reached out to me about an opportunity at Glen Dimplex Americas. He was very professional and easy to work with. Dave was always looking out for my best interest and made sure that the job was going to be the right fit. He was very responsive and did a great job of keeping me in the loop

Tommy Do

Manufacturing Engineer

Glen Dimplex Americas

Testimonial – Maxwell McKinnon

Dave reached out to me about a position at Zest Dental Solutions. He was very helpful and quick to communicate throughout the entire process, even going so far as helping me strengthen my resume. With Dave’s help, I quickly got an offer with the company. Dave simplified the entire process for me through his hard work, and I would highly recommend him.

Maxwell McKinnon

Senior Design Engineer

Zest Dental Solutions

Testimonial – Ron Britt

Dave has helped me recruit and hire positions for over 12 years within multiple companies and for a variety of roles that have ranged from senior engineering managers to entry level professionals. He has an extended network that stretches throughout the northwest and is able to provide candidates quickly. He is very good at understanding what the company needs and providing candidates that meet the requirements and cultural fit. I highly recommend Dave and Talent Finders to anyone looking for a quality recruiting resource.

– Ron Britt

Director of Human Resources

Bulk Handling Systems

Testimonial – Ross Vonhoff

Dave has helped me fill critical positions within manufacturing engineering, supply chain, and quality for over 10 years. The positions have included individual contributors and key leadership positions. I have confidence that Dave’s screening process will always provide strong candidates for the team. Dave listens to feedback about technical and cultural fit within the organization and is persistent in finding the ideal candidate. In addition, Dave identifies candidates with the potential to take on greater responsibility and are ready to advance their career. Dave has strong connections within the Portland area as well as ability to locate candidates nationwide.

– Ross Vonhoff

Vice President for Operations and Manufacturing


Testimonial – Laurie Hopkins

I have worked with Dave off and on for the past six years as a technical recruiter. He is my “go-to guy” whenever a critical technical position opens. Dave has been able to identify a number of key engineering and operations hires for our company. The results have been nearly always outstanding. Dave’s candidates are always prepared, qualified and top-notch. In addition, Dave is very responsive to our needs; extremely knowledgeable about our industry and our Company; and one of the most pleasurable business contacts I’ve ever dealt with. After all these years, he’s not only a business contact, but I consider him a friend. I highly recommend Dave Henry and Talent Finders — whether you are a candidate, or a business in need of a smart and trustworthy recruiter.

– Laurie Hopkins

PHR/Human Resources Manager

Alliance Machine Systems International, LLC

Testimonial – Dave Welch

I have worked with a lot of recruiters over the years, but none like Dave. From our first conversation I could hear he understood our business. The candidates he provides are well screened and I found working with Dave meant reviewing fewer resumes with generally higher qualifications than other recruiters. His pool of engineers is deep and the professional connection he has with each one demonstrates his passion placing people in the right positions. I’ve since referred Dave to several other colleagues and they have found a similar experience. Dave is the most effective recruiter I’ve worked with in my 23 years in the business

– Dave Welch

Market Manager

Compac Sorting Equipment

Testimonial – Erik Roe

For more then a decade, Dave Henry has been helping me staff my teams at Warn Industries and now Warn Automotive. I really appreciate the accuracy Dave offers when identifying candidates for my teams. While this reduces the time and effort I have to put in for screening and interviews, more importantly, his skill at placement improves the potential for long term fit of the person to my organization. I recommend Dave Henry as a resource for both temporary and full time candidate recruiting. Thanks continued support Dave!

Erik Roe


Warn Automotive

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With the complexity of today's ever changing manufacturing world, the demand for top talent is at an unparalleled level. Whether it be heightened demand for efficiency improvements through automation or meeting the performance metrics determined by a demanding private equity firm, the pressure to perform in these industries is virtually constant. Attempting to manage the technical recruiting demands of a fast paced and successful manufacturing operation can be an overwhelming and daunting challenge.


For companies within these market segments, Talent Finders, LLC can be a key solution to this task. Focused day in and day out on attracting the top talent in a concentrated group of disciplines, Talent Finders, LLC is able to respond to challenging customer needs with timely results that exceed expectations. With meticulous recruiting processes and standards for assessing and screening candidates in place combined with a tenacious but professional approach, Talent Finders, LLC is the firm to outsource to for technical recruiting solutions.

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Talent Finders, LLC realizes that our candidates are our backbone. You, the candidate, are our product, our service, and our reputation. It is therefore essential for us to treat every candidate we serve with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Every phone call will be returned, every email answered, and every inquiry will be attended to with the utmost care. Communication and trust are the foundations of our relationship with you.

Talent Finders, LLC will take the time to understand your exact situation: your career objectives, location preferences, compensation needs, and family considerations. You can be assured that your resume will never be submitted to a company without full understanding of the potential opportunity or without your prior authorization. Your request for confidentiality will always be respected.

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Driven to exceed client expectations and deliver results that dominate the norms of the recruiting industry.


Focused day in and day out of locating the top performing professionals within engineering, supply chain, technical sales, and quality for the manufacturing sector.


20 years of proven recruiting experience solely focused on delivering the best talent available to manufacturing clients.

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